Mount Hephsas

A great mountain which is the source of the Gomai River. Mount Hephsas stands almost a mile high at its peak. The east side of the mountain is a sheer cliff face, the other sides a steep, forested slope. Near the top the thick foliage gives way to short brush and small pines, and eventually nothing but rugged scrub grass.

From the east side a great fall spews forth, which over time cut the large valley that currently surrounds Bysorth. A very deep but relatively small lake lies at the base of the falls, from which the Gomai River flows.

Old Lookout Point is located near Hephsas’ peak. At its western base, Fort Radaren is the largest settlement, from which a road winds through several other mountains to lead eventually into Broadvale Valley and to Bysorth.

The Hephsas Mine winds deep into the earth below the mountain.

Mount Hephsas

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