Bysorth Military

Bysorth’s Military is separated into 3 branches, each with their own purpose and operational standards.

The Guardians

The Guardians comprise the bulk of Bysorth’s military, and are tasked the defense of the city, its allies, and protectorates. In times of war, they serve as the main force of Bysorth’s army.

They are broken into several sub branches with specialized purposes, including infantry, cavalry, artillery, logistics, siege, combat engineering.

The Guardians have keeps and forts spread across Broadvale Valley and beyond. The older garrisons, deeper within the state’s borders, have seen villages and towns spring up around them. While the Guardians operate independently of these settlements, their commanders sometimes work with the civilian leaders to help keep peace within the towns.

The Frontiersmen

The Frontiersman serve as Bysorth’s special operations. Only the best and brightest are chosen to be Frontiersmen. They serve as spies and scouts, infiltrators, and rescuers. They are given the tasks not easily accomplished by standard military force.

In times of war, they are the first into battle, often behind enemy lines carrying out reconnaissance or quick strikes.

The Cabalists

The smallest branch of the military, the Cabalists serve as magical support. They usually do not operate as a whole separate group, but rather integrate with units from the rest of the military as specialists, healers, chaplains, advisers, and, rarely, firepower. Unlike Graduates of the Seminary, the Cabalists are not authorized to use any magic within Bysorth’s walls (just as the military as a whole has no jurisdiction there).

Bysorth Military

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