As human settlements slowly crept northward into the highlands, they came into conflict with the Dwarves. The two races competed for the scarce farmland of the region, with human settlements constantly being looted or destroyed by dwarven raiding parties.

One Human clan, the Sords, settled a particularly fertile and defensible area near the Gomai River, and called their settlement Bysorth. Over time humans and the occasional elven tribe sought refuge within its walls from dwarven attacks, and the city grew rapidly over its first 50 years.

Branford, the first King of Bysorth, was crowned in the city’s centennial year. Under his rule, Bysorth secured and garrisoned the nearby Hephsas Mine. The flow of silver, iron and other minerals fueled Bysorth’s expansion and allowed the creation of a standing army and a City Watch.

Branford’s son, Randel, officially recognized Bysorth’s guilds of laborers, craftsmen, and scholors and granted them representation in the Bysorth Senate. He also expanded the army into its three branches.

With growing wealth and military power, over the next 50 years Bysorth was able to expand its influence considerably. Satellite settlements began to spring up around the newly erected fortresses across the valley. As these settlements matured and became more autonomous, they were granted representation in the Senate. Constant conflict with the Dwarves eventually slowed this expansion and stopped it altogether. 100 years and several rulers passed, and Bysorth itself grew to almost double in size.

During the rule of King Orren I, the mythical eladrin city of Nadeseil permanently emerged from the Feywild. Bysorth formed an alliance with the eladrin, who were unprepared for a prolonged existence in the mortal world. The eladrin of Nadeseil gained representation in the Senate, and leant their expertise in various fields to the humans.

With eladrin support, the first official school of magic was erected within Bysorth’s walls, The Arcane Seminary. At the time of Orren I’s death, many elven tribes began to follow their eladrin brothers and formally ally with Bysorth. The current ruler of Bysorth is Orren I’s son, King Orren II. Under his rule, and with the support of their elven allies, Bysorth’s expansion is again booming, spanning the entirety of the Broadvale Valley. Its influence extends from the north, where the Korigstapf Mountains meet the Deadlands, to the south where the Gomai River flows into the great Lake Gomirond.


Approximately 75,000 within the bank of the Gomai, with the majority of the population living in the Lower City. The population is mostly human, with tieflings and elves comprising a significant demographic. However, representatives of all races can be found living within the walls.


Bysorth is governed by its King and its Senate. The Royal Family serves at the pleasure of the people, and can be deposed by a ¾ majority vote in the Senate. To date, this has never occurred. The King does not have the authority to pass law by decree but he may set policy, sign treaties, and controls the military.

The Senate consists of nearly 100 representatives spanning the breadth of the city-state’s influence. Almost half its senators represent interests located within the city itself. The 14 original founding families of the Sordic Clan all hold seats. Officially recognized temples, guilds, and other organizations are each represented in the Senate. Bysorth’s protectorates are also represented in the Senate; each is given a variable number of seats depending on factors such as its population and logistical importance. Second to Bysorth itself in representation is Nadaseil, with 8 senators.

Within the Senate are several political factions, the largest of which refers to itself as The Workmen’s Party, consisting of tradesmen and laborers. They are led by the powerful Miner’s Guild and their senator Urud Guldanni.

The city is policed by the City Watch, which encompasses the courts and prisons as well. The Watch have representation in the Senate. Bysorth’s military has no authority to act within the city walls without the permission and oversight of the Watch.

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