Urud Guldanni

Senator from the Miner's Guild


A tall, thin man of middle age. Urud wears his brown hair, salty with age, at neck length, well kept. He has a thin lipped grimace and a hard gaze that intimidate many men, but can be quite charming when the situation requires it.


Urud Guldanni represents the powerful Miner’s Guild in Bysorth’s Senate, and is the unofficial leader of a group of Senators calling themselves The Workmen’s Party. Urud is the younger brother of Jorn Guldanni, the head of the Miner’s Guild.

Urud has been trying to force the Senate to request King Orren II to deploy the Guardians into [[Hephsas Mine]] to protect his Guild’s interests from dwarven attack. He is incredibly frustrated by Orren’s reluctance to stamp out the [[Dwarf Lords]] once and for all.

Urud has been described as xenophobic or racist by his opponents, but he claims that his interests lie with whats best for Bysorth and the common man. He holds contempt for the non-human senators, feeling they have no right to meddle in the governing of humans.

Urud and his Workmen’s Party is quite popular among the folk of the lower city, who feel the Founding Families of the Upper City, as well as King Orren, are disconnected from the day to day struggles of their lives. This, combined with the defacto ownership of Bysorth’s mining operations (and thus economy) makes Urud an incredibly powerful man.

Urud Guldanni

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