Sudixth Merrin

Survivor of the original expedition to the Forgotten City


Sudixth Merrin, (who prefers to be called Su), is the only survivor of the original expedition to the ancient city beneath Bysorth. She resisted the temptations of the dark presence awakened in the city’s heart, and was rewarded for her strong will by being offered as a sacrifice to a hereto unknown entity by her own brother, Kagen.

Su served with Kagen as a soldier for the Zinthacor Drow. She, along with many of her comrades, believed it was in the best interest of their people to ally with the humans of Bysorth, and volunteered to help the Miner’s Guild defend their territory from Dwarven incursions.

She specializes in scouting and infiltration, and is trained to survive in harsh underground environments for long periods.

Sudixth Merrin

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