Kirion Lithren

Savik's former mentor


A middle-aged elf of medium build. He often dresses flamboyantly and is rarely seen without his blue wide brimmed hat, complete with griffin feather. His skill as a marksman is renowned among elves and men.


Ranger Lord of Yamennara. Kirion is a respected warrior who holds some influence with the tribal leaders of the Elven Tribes of Broadvale Valley.

He was the former mentor of Savik, and considered Savik to be his star pupil. However, learning of his collusion with The Zinthacor Drow, Savik turned on his master and fled to Bysorth.

Kirion was a key component in the current alliance between the Miner’s Guild and the Drow. He claims that old prejudices are misplaced, based on superstition and fear, and that the Drow are just as much the brothers of the Elven folk as the Eladrin are.

Kirion Lithren

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