King Orren II

Current ruler of Bysorth


Human Male, Age 35

A solidly built man about 6’0” with short black hair, close cropped goatee, and sun bronzed skin.


Orren Torwind is the current King of Bysorth. As a young man he served in Bysorth’s military as a frontiersman, to the chagrin of his family. He took the crown at age 22 when his father, Orren I, took ill and died suddenly.

Orren is an idealist, a peaceful man at heart. Under his rule Bysorth has expanded aggressively without military conquest, creating alliances solely through diplomacy. His goal is peace with the [[Dwarf Lords]], he is opposed in this by Urud Guldanni.

Many say he’s gained wisdom and temperance from the eladrin Senator Ro Arayin, with whom he keeps close counsel. So close, in fact, that Orren is engaged to marry the senator’s niece, Saruko Arayin. Many see this engagement as no more than a political ploy, but Orren genuinely loves Saruko.

Orren is more closely involved in the day-to-day governing of Bysorth than his father was. He feels his past service as a soldier and experience in combat against the dwarves, among other things, gives him a unique perspective to life outside the city walls that many of his political opponents lack. Consequently he’s opened Bysorth’s gates to almost anyone who can contribute to the city’s prosperity, including halflings, gnomes, dragonborn, and even refugee dwarves.

King Orren II

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