After meeting with King Orren II, the party immediately set out to meet with Senator Guldanni. Inside Orem Manor the party was directed to a waiting room, where before long Jorn arrived with a small entourage which included Kirion Lithren. Sensing Savik’s anger, Jorn asked Kirion to leave while they discussed the party’s discoveries.

Kelton Osprey relayed most of the tale, omitting the recovery of the golem’s power rod and the dark ritual book, and their conversation with the summoned devil. Jorn asked several questions afterward, and seemed intent upon eventually sending more people down to the city. He also tried to impress upon the party the value of the working relationship they enjoyed with the Drow and the impossibility of peace with the Dwarf Lords.

After their discussion ended, Jorn summoned an aide who presented each of the party with a small, black lockbox fitted with silver rivets. On their way out, Kirion tried to reach out to Savik, but Savik would have none of it. The party learned that Savik’s hate for Kirion was in part due to the death of his old lover.

On their way through the streets, the party came across a small assembly in one of the squares. A pair of missionaries were preaching and handing out tracts. Dav took one of the tracts. It depicted a drawing of mountain with the sun setting behind it, and the heading read “This world can be saved!” The group called themselves the Heralds of Celestia, and they preached to the crowd to look to themselves for strength and salvation.

Before long some members of the crowd became agitated and threw stones at the missionaries. Using magical abilities to defend themselves, they were promptly arrested by the City Watch for using magic without a license. The missionaries seemed content to go to jail, and when Sephori visited them later she found them preaching to a group of attentive vagrants, drunks, debtors and thieves.

Rond Kelfem met up with Falemo later to catch up, and told the party about the goings on in the Senate. Debate was raging about the Drow situation, with several elven and eladrin senators delivering a thinly veiled threat of breaking their alliance with Bysorth if a formal treaty was enacted. However, a small group of elves championed the cause.

After a few days Dav received a message from Sudixth Merrin, asking that the party meet her at a small village well outside Bysorth’s walls. After travelling to meet her, Su tells the party that she had not yet returned to her superiors, but instead had decided to seek out Toth Soldrin, who was the oldest Drow she could think of. After telling him about The Forgotten City, Toth insisted that she ask the party to meet with him. She provided them with a map pinpointing his home, and left them to make their own way while she returned to Bysorth.

The party made their way north into the mountains and came to a small settlement on a plateau called Flathead. They learned that the path they had intended to take to meet Toth was blocked due to a lava flow, and they’d have to find another way. Asking around town, they learned of two possible paths. The longer path was through a place called Battlefield Downs, where undead activity had been reported. The other was directly through the mountain via a network of caves, but they’d have to contend with a group of hobgoblins who’d taken residence there.

Electing to pass through the caves, the party also promised to attempt to rescue some women from Flathead who’d been abducted in an earlier goblin raid. The goblins made no secret of their lair and had marked their territory clearly as the party traveled up the mountain. They were spotted by sentries, and while one was killed by Savik’s arrow another escaped to sound the alarm.

Storming the lair, the party walked into a simple trap the goblins had set. Crossbowmen ignited a slick of lamp oil in an attempt to burn and suffocate the party, but Kelton Osprey was able to teleport behind their lines and decimate their defenses with his magic. The party made short work of the initial goblin resistance and ventured deeper.

After Savik scouted ahead they elected to attack who they thought was the leader. Indeed he was; a fierce hobgoblin who worshipped Manzyron and seemed extremely pleased to finally have a worthy fight. A fierce battle took place in the makeshift temple within the cave, but after their leader fell the hobgoblins retreated. The party managed to capture one of the goblinoids, a bugbear assassin who had attempted to sneak away.



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